Section:  Avodah   Category: Perek Shira
Perek Shira: The Snake's Song - Taking a Plunge

No creature in history has taken a fall like the snake.  This once companion of man, with legs that would carry him all over the world and a mind to match, went from top of the totem pole to the bottom after he persuaded Chava to eat from the Eitz HaDaas.  With his legs chopped off he not only became worthless to man but he is now hunted as man's arch enemy.  Some would say he got off easy.  After all he wrecked history and brought evil into man.  Annihilation and extinction seem like a fair punishment.  Nevertheless the snake has survived even in its low state.

How did it manage to continue to live and eat after having his legs removed?  Only through Hashem's goodness.  Hashem gave the snake the ability to survive on any form of food even the dust that it slithers around in.  Does it mind the bland diet?  Not really.  Hashem made it so, that even if it ate the finest delicacies it would still taste like dust.  This eases the snake's pain and longing for better food.

The Snake sings "Someich Hashem L'Chol Hanoflim", Hashem support all those who fall.  Even if you are the root cause of your own falling, Hashem not only preserves you, he also gives you new tools to adjust to your new status.  Should you one day take a plunge in your status in this world, learn from the snake and hang in there.  You can survive.  Hashem will see to it!