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Parshas Tetzaveh: Ksav Sofer - Torah Requires Toil, Business Doesn't
The Pasuk tells us that the oil for the Menorah must be pure, without sediments. This was accomplished by plucking the olives from the top of the tree (where they received the most sunshine). They also pressed them with a mortar rather than grinding them in a mill in order for them to be pure. This was only necessary for the oil of the Menorah. However, concerning the oil used for Menachos - Meal Offerings - Chazal say, "Kasis LaMaor" - "ViLo Kasis LaMinachos" - Pressing was only necessary for the light of the Menorah but not for the oil of Menachos.

 The gemara in Megillah 6b states that if one says, "Lo Yagati Umatsasi Al Taamen" - "If one says that he did not toil in Torah but still found success in Torah - do not believe him. The reason being, Torah can only be acquired through great toil. Therefore, do not believe the one who says that he became a Talmud Chachom without working for it.  The Ksav Sofer explains this phenomenon with the Drasha of Chazal  -, "Kasis LaMaor" - "ViLo Kasis LaMinachos" -

"Kasis LaMaor" - one must press himself and toil for the light of the Torah. However, "ViLo Kasis LaMinachos" - for a livelihood (Menachos) he does not have to toil. He just has to make his Hishtadlus and the rest is from Hashem. One can work the minimum and become wealthy and visa versa one can work day and night and still remain poor. His toil is not the key to his success.