Section: Parshas HaShavua   Category: Numbers & Letters
Parshas Titzaveh: Vilna Gaon - Moshe Rabbeinu is Hidden In The Parsha
We do not find Moshe Rabbeinu's name written in Parshas Titzaveh. The Baal HaTurim explains that after Cheit HaEgel Moshe told Hashem that if He doesn't forgive Bnei Yisroel, He should erase Moshe's name from the Sefer Torah. Although Hashem forgave them, nevertheless a tzaddik's words do not go unheeded and Moshe is left out of Parshas Titzaveh.

The Vilna Gaon says the reason for Moshe's absence is that 7 Adar, Moshe's Yahrtzeit, always falls out in the week of Titzaveh. Since he left us this week his name doesn't appear. Nevertheless says the Vilna Gaon, Moshe's name is hidden in the Parsha. There are 101 pasukim in the parsha. If you take the hidden letters in Moshe's name it equals 101. Mem is spelled Mem, Mem the second "hidden" mem = 40. Shin is spelled Shin, Yud Nun, the hidden yud and nun equal = 60. Hey is spelled Hey, Aleph = 1 for a total of 101.

We see from here, says the Vilna Gaon, that even after the gashmiyos of Moshe, his exterior body was taken from us, nevertheless his ruchniyos, his Neshama is still with us.