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Rav Shach: Rav Shimshon Needs To Know That Money Is Important

Reb Avraham Deutsch relates an incident in which a Chassan, a talmid of Rav Shimshon, was injured in an automobile accident just a few weeks before his chasuna. He began legal proceedings against the company that had been responsible for the damage, and stood to win a sizable amount of money. His lawyer felt that if he would postpone his wedding by a few weeks, the judge would be convinced as to the seriousness of the injury and he would win. Rav Shimshon felt otherwise, insisting that ‘One doesn't push off a Chasuna.' The question was a complex one, and the Chassan, the lawyer, and Rav Shimshon agreed to travel together to Bnei Brak and ask Rav Schach how to proceed.

Reb Avraham accompanied Rav Shimshon, and related to me how Rav Schach heard both sides of the argument, and then sat quietly, saying he didn't know. After an uncomfortable silence, with the Rosh Yeshiva refusing to decide, the parties prepared to leave. Rav Schach motioned to the Chassan to stay with him a moment, after the others had left. Then the Rosh Yeshiva spoke: ‘the truth is, Rav Shimshon is right, one doesn't postpone a Chasuna. However, I knew that if I would agree with his view, he would misunderstand my reasoning. He believes that money is absolutely worthless, and he would be certain that I agree, and therefore I say not to push off the wedding. He is wrong. Ich mein az ehr vet noch zein fun di Gedolim, I think he will yet be one of the Gedolei Yisroel, and he has to know that money is important...'    (A special thanks to Rav Yisroel Besser who provided us this story from his book Warmed By Their Fire Artscroll/Mesorah 2007)