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Part 15 Shmoneh Esrei: Al HaTzadikim - The Ger Must Be Insane!... Or He Knows Something We Don't
In the bracha 'al hatzadikim', You should daven for the good of the tzadikim (righteous). Because in their goodness we live, and all the time that there are tzadikim in the world, there is blessing and good in the world. You should specifically daven for the good of the gerei tzedek (righteous converts). You should place in your heart to love them like yourself, and to fulfill the mitzva "and you will love the ger..." (Vayikra 19:33). All the more so today when we are in absolute lowliness, and speaking almost from the ground, there is almost no life left in us, and the wicked are in absolute loftiness (success), and he (the convert) recognizes the truth. Behold this is mamash (really) an impossible feat that he recognized Hashem amidst the world of darkness. Behold it is an obligation on us to love him and kiss the ground that he treads.

And one who greatly loves converts, loves Hashem and His torah. Because the love of the ger depends on the love of Hashem and His torah, since this is the reason for his love. And therefore one should daven a lot for his good and that he should not return to his falseness, Hashem forbid, due to the burden of the galus (exile of the Jewish people) and its afflictions. It is an obligation on us to daven for them that Hashem should give them a pure heart (lev tahor).

When saying "lo nevosh ki becha batachnu", you should have in mind that you should not have shame in the next world before the holy King. Because for what is shame in this world? Before men which is vanity and bad spirit, and until when does the shame last or the honor? It all passes by like a shadow! Not like in the next world, when he is shamed before the eyes of the Creator, and all the angels on high shame him announcing the verse with strength: " 'unclean thing do not touch...' (Yeshaya 52:11), this is so and so who transgressed the commandments of his Master. Better for him that he was never created, Oy to him, Oy to his soul". Therefore it is fitting what the Tana (Sage) Akavya said "better that I be called a fool all my days rather than I make myself a wicked person for one moment in the eyes of Hashem."

This is a short, practical version of Ya'aros Devash 1:1 which Rabbi Shlomo Wolbe zt"l condensed in Alei Shur pg.123. The original contains all kinds of fascinating mystical insights. The interested reader is referred to Ya'aros Devash 1:1, starting about half-way through.