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Parshas Va'eira: Kli Yakar - The Holy Frogs That Didn't Die

After Makas Arov the animals picked up and left. Rashi says the reason they didn't die was so that the Mitzrayim should not enjoy their furs. The Kli Yakar asks why did the frogs die? Why didn't they leave just like the Arov and Arbeh left?

He answers that Hashem wanted to teach us a lesson in Kiddush Hashem. Although there was a general command for the frogs to go into the ovens, most frogs chose safer roles for themselves like the cozy confines of the bedrooms. The frogs that jumped into the burning ovens did so ready to die Al Kiddush Hashem. After the Maka was over, Hashem made all the frogs die except the ones who jumped into the ovens. Hashem was teaching us that if you choose to be Mikadesh Shem Shamayim you can be saved. However if you think you will save yourself by taking the safer route and not making a Kiddush Hashem, you are wrong. Hashem will catch up to you no matter where you are.

This is seen in the words of the pasuk (8:9) that says all the frogs died from the houses, from he courtyards, and from the fields. It does not say the frogs from the ovens died because they didn't die.