Section: Tanach   Category: Shir Hashirim
Shir HaShirim: Peeking Through The Holes in The Wall

Our aveiros create a wall between us and our father in Heaven. Despite our aveiros Hashem loves us. He wants to send us bracha from Shamayim. His only problem is how to get around the wall that we have created. Hashem does what every mother would do if their child was imprisoned. He looks for windows to pass care packages to his dear children so that even if they can't be together the child should still have enough to eat and at least ease their pain and suffering until the day they are set free and they will be reunited once again.

Where does Hashem find cracks and windows in this imposing wall that we have unfortunately built? These windows, says the Tzror Hamor are opened through the mitzvos of the Tzaddikim. In their zechus Hashem sends Bracha to his people even in Galus. If the tzaddikim in the generation are great then a window can be opened for the Shefa to come down from Shamayim. If the Dor only has weak tzaddikim then it only creates small crack for which minimal amount of Bracha can be passed through.

Shir HaShirim 2:9 says "Hinei Zeh Oimeid Achar Koisleinu" Hashem waits behind this ugly wall waiting for the moment that our mitzvos will make it disappear. "Mashgiach Min HaChalonos Mietzitz Min HaCharakim"; easily looking though the windows created by big Tzaddikim and squinting through the cracks created if the Tzaddikim of the generation are not as big.