Section: Tanach   Category: Shir Hashirim
Shir HaShirim: Why Is Hashem Jumping?

If you offer to do someone a favor and they reject your help because they are not interested in you personally you might get insulted. If at a later time they regret their decision because they realize that they need you, you probably will be less anxious than you were when you originally offered. Even if you do help them you will do it without enthusiasm and probably take your time before doing it.

Not so Hashem, says the Alshich HaKadosh. Although Hashem has waited two thousand years for us to do tshuva and return to him so that he can finally redeem us, he is still standing eagerly waiting for the big day when he can swoop down and take us out of this miserable galus and bring us home once again to the Bais HaMikdash. If we rejected Him for so long why is he still so excited to come so fast? It is B'zchus of the Avos and the Imahos.

When the galus will finally end says Shlomo HaMelech 2:8 "Kol Dodi Hinei Zeh Ba" the voice of my beloved (Hashem) behold he comes. "Midaleg Al HeHarim" leaping over the mountains. Why does he leap? Because of the "mountains" which refers to the Avos. "Mikapetz Al HaGva'os", skipping on the heights. In the honor of the "heights" which are the Imahos.