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Kotzker Rebbe - The Miracle Of Chanuka, From Technically Kosher To Clearly Treif
The Halacha is that "Tumah Hutra B'Tzibur", when performing an avodah that is for the entire nation, Tumah does not Pasul it. If so why on Chanukah did we need the Nes that the oil should last 8 days. They could have used oil that was Tamei since lighting the Menorah is Avodas Tzibur?

It is said in the name of the Kotzker that while Tumah does not affect the Tzibur under normal circumstances, by Chanukah since this was a new beginning a rededication of the Bais HaMikdash it needed to be perfectly pure without any shred of tumah no matter how kosher it is. This concept is so powerful that Hashem deemed it appropriate to perform a Nes.

This lessen is especially appropriate for Chanukah. The war waged by the Chashmonaim was for the soul of Am Yisroel. While they had sunk to the depths of Chilul Shabbos and no Bris Milah, it didn't start there. It started with very subtle inclusions of Greek culture into the Jewish lifestyle. After years of debate among the different segments of the population whether these minor inclusions were harmful or not, the culture gradually seeped in with devastating results. This is the lesson of Chanukah. Keep the oil pure even if the alternative is technically 100% kosher.  Technically Kosher today leads to clearly Treif tomorrow.