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Amazing Coincidences... For Nothing?
Sometimes the most amazing Hashgacha Pratis happens to us.  Here is one example of something that heppened to me but I am sure everyone has plenty of their own examples that will come to mind. 

I was looking for a job for a while.  Suddenly one day I found myself in a place that I wouldn't normally go.  For some reason I didn't quite comprehend on that particular day I decided to go.  Lo and behold when I got there I bumped into a friend I hadn't seen in 15 years.  What he was doing there to this day I still have no idea.  Anyway we start talking about our family situations and what we have been up to and it turns out that he just so happens to be very good friends with a guy who runs a company that can really use my talents.  I come home and excitedly telling my wife that she won't believe who I met and I tell her the whole story about the job opportunity.  We marvel at the Yad Hashem and how it all came together.  To make a long story short, after running around for a few weeks chasing this "opportunity delivered straight from the heavens", nothing ever became of it and after some more struggling I eventually found a job elsewhere.

Sound familiar?  Often we are sure that we are openly witnessing Hashem as he expertly manipulates the world only to later find out that it was a false alarm.  So the question I pondered for many years is, why?  Why when we, Hashem's children, are in desperate need of help, does Hashem turn the whole world upside down to bring to a point where the salvation is right within our grasp only to have it disappear as soon as we reach out for it?  Is this a cruel trick?

I'd like to share with you the answer that has helped me get through tough times.  It helps you appreciate Hashem's kindness rather than to sink deeper in to depression when it happens.  We all believe in Hashem and know that he watching out for us and wants only the best for us.  Unfortunately in time of difficulty when we don't get what we think we need, doubts start to creep into our little heads.  "Yes, Hashem means this for our own good but... maybe this time my plight slipped through the cracks.  Maybe this isn't really in my best interest.  Can Hashem really find a quick way out of my miserable predicament?"  No one likes to take the bad, even if it is for our own good.  These struggles cast a shadow over our emunah.  Then, just as we are slipping away Hashem sends us a very subtle message.  The trick is to read it the right way.  By creating a series of amazing coincidences that seem like our troubles are about to end, Hashem is telling us, "My dear child, I know all about you and haven't forgotten you.  When the time comes I know how to find you and I will know how to save you.  Just like I turned the world upside down now I will do it again when the situation is right for you.  Until then please be patient and keep believing." 

So the next time your struggling with parnassa, your kids, your health, shidduchim, or whatever, and your lucky coincidence turns out to be a not such a lucky coincidence, look up a smile and say, "Thanks Hashem!  Thanks for watching over me."  This should give a boost to your patience and emunah until you boat finally does come in.

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