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Parshas VaYeishev: Vilna Gaon - Yosef's Power Over The Shevatim

When Yosef told the Shevatim his dream, that their bundles of wheat bowed down to him they replied, "HaMaloch Timloch Aleinu, Im Mashol Timshol Banu." This question the Shevatim asked Yosef seems to ask the same question twice. "Do you dare think you will rule over us?"

The Vilna Gaon says otherwise. He says that the Shevatim inadvertently spoke words of Nevuah. The word Melech means King who is willfully accepted by his subjects. The word Moshel means ruler by force. What came out of the mouths' of the Shevatim was as follows, "HaMaloch Timloch Aleinu; Will you ever be king (Melech) over us? No, of course not, because we will never accept you. Im Mashol Timshol Banu; If you do rule over us, your power will be by brute force and you will be a Moshel over us."

This is what the pasuk in Tehilim means (22:29)  "Ki Lashem Hamlucha, U'Moshel BaGoyim; Hashem is our Melech, whom we accept. However over the Goyim he is only a moshel who dictates what will happen by force.f" In the future, "V'Alu Moshi'im B'Har Tzion...V'Hayisa Lashem HaMelucha; When Moshiach comes, then all the nations will realize the greatness of Hashem and accept His Kingdom. Only then will Hashem's Kingdom be complete over all the inhabitants of the world."