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Today's Audio: Kitzur - Chalav Akum, Bishul Akum; Taryag Mitzvos - Carrying The Aron & Witchcraft

In today's Kitzur Yomi, Rabbi Peretz Moncharsh continues the Halachos of food prepared by a goy.  In addition to the Halachos of Bishul Akum he begins with the halachos of Milk that was milked by a goy.  Click to listen Revach Kitzur Yomi

In today's Taryag Mitzvos Yomi Rabbi Zev Rivkin explains Mitzva #34 The Mitzva of carrying the Aron HaKodesh.   Mitzvas Lo Saaseh #34  Witchcraft is not for Jews Click to listen to Revach Taryag Yomi

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