Section:  Avodah   Category: Shmoneh Esrei
Part 4 Shmoneh Esrei: Mechayei HaMeisim - Teshuva Brings Us Back From The Dead
Accepting the teshuva of a sinner is in the category of "Techiyas HaMeisim"; resurrection of the dead, because a rasha, even when alive is called dead. And when he repents, this is like a Techiyas HaMeisim.

Therefore, one should daven that HaKadosh Baruch Hu should revive him and accept his Tefila. And when a person sins, his Neshama leaves him, and he should daven that HaKadosh Baruch Hu revives him with the 'dew of resurrection'. Because the (physical) 'dew', that HaKadosh Baruch Hu sends without our initiative (hisorerus lesata) (unlike rain which needs Tefila). So too, we recall the dew to bring down and revive us with His holy blessing (shefa).

Therefore in this bracha, one's intent should be to revive himself in this world and in the time of the Techiyas HaMeisim. And this will fix in one's heart complete faith in the future resurrection because 'the word of Hashem does not return empty', which he promised to us to awaken us from our graves and then the world will be fixed completely. And this brings one to believe in the creation ex-nihilo (something from nothing), which is similar to the revival of the dead. And in the beginning, Hashem's thought was to make man head of all creation. But with the sin (of Adam), it says 'you will surely die', and he fell from his lofty level. But the 'thought of Hashem will forever endure'. Therefore, in the Techiyas HaMeisim, man will return to his level and will be head to all the angels on high, as it is written "at that time, they (the angels) will say to Yaakov and to Yisroel, what did Hashem do". And for this every man should look forward to with complete joy, this perfection, and he should fix himself now as much as he can so that he will be worthy of this.

This is a short, practical version of Ya'aros Devash 1:1 which Rabbi Shlomo Wolbe zt"l condensed in Alei Shur pg.123. The original contains all kinds of fascinating mystical insights. The interested reader is referred to Ya'aros Devash 1:1, starting about half-way through.