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Perek Shira: Rav Chaim Kanievsky - On The Bird Who Can't Keep Quiet

The Snunis, says Rav Chaim Kanievsky in his Peirush on Perek Shira, is the Tzipor Dror that a Mitzora brings for a Korban. Why does a Mitzora bring two of these birds? The gemara says in Chulin (62a) that Tzora'as is a punishment for Lashon Hara generally committed by people who talk too much. So as a Kapara he must slaughter birds who also chirp non-stop all day to remind him that he is not a bird and should watch his mouth.

So what Shira does this bird says? "L'Maan Yizamercha V'lo Yidom"; for the sake that I will praise you and not remain silent. Talking is great. That is why Hashem gave us the ability to do so. That is what makes us better than animals. They are simply classified as "Chai"; alive. We are "Midaber"; we can speak. That puts us in a whole new league. But only if we speak what we were intended to speak; praise of Hashem for all he does for us every day. So keep on chirping away!