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Bnei Yisaschar: The Month Of Kislev Reveals The 36 Hidden Lights

The Sun and Moon were created on the 4th day of Bereishis.  What was the light source until then?  Until then there was special light with which one can see from one end of the world to the other.  After our current lighting system was put in place on the fourth day, the special light was hidden in the Torah.  This light is what gives the great tzaddikim of each generation, who dwell in the depths of the Torah, their unique ability to know and comprehend things beyond what they have seen and heard.   

The Rokeach says that this is why we light a total of 36 candles during Chanukah (1+2+3...8=36), to celebrate the light hidden in the Torah which is what the celebration of Chanukah is all about.  The Bnei Yissaschar says that this is hinted in the word Kislev.  The first two letter of Kislev are Kuf Samech as in Kisuy or covered.  The last two are Lamed Vuv or 36, for the 36 hours of light that are hidden in the torah and lit on Chanukah.