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Perek Shira: The Trees Sing - Will There Be Newspapers When Moshiach Comes?

An older fellow once explained to me that newspapers are probably here to stay. They are a wonderful medium to publicize news and certainly in the times of Moshiach there will be important information to disseminate. The main difference between today's newspapers and those in the days of Moshiach's is that in the days of Moshiach newspapers will be much thinner. Why? When you take out of the newspaper the Lashon Hara, the lies, and the Shtuyos there isn't much left to it. Since under Moshiach's watchful eye none of these things will make past the editor we will have very small newspapers.

Who will be the big winner from this drastic downsizing of the daily paper? The trees of course. 250 million trees are cut every year just to print newspapers in the United States. One leading newspaper uses an astounding 75,000 trees a week for its Sunday paper alone.

Ilanos ShebaSadeh Oimrim "Az Yiraninu Kol Atzei Hayar Milifnei Hashem Ki Va Lishpot Ha'Aretz"; Then (in the time of Moshiach) the trees of the forest will sing before Hashem who will come to judge the land... and you thought that only you wanted Moshiach now!