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Tefila: While Saying Shema... Maybe You Should Think About Your Job?

It is brought down that there is a special Inyan while saying the first pasuk of Shema to picture yourself dying "Al Kiddush Hashem." In Shema we say we love Hashem, "Bichol Nafshecha U'Bichol Mi'odecha"; with our very lives and all our money. The Gemara says that for people who value their money more than their lives, their ultimate sacrifice would be to become penniless on Hashem's account. Logically, it follows that for a person who can easier see himself dead than as a complete pauper and have to face up to his friends, family, grocery, bank, bills, etc., the ultimate Mesiras Nefesh for Hashem is exactly that.

Therefore, while picturing yourself standing as hero being burned at the stake is a very high Madreiga, maybe picturing yourself standing before your boss and deciding to do the right thing even it will get you fired, or sitting in the quiet of your office with only you and your conscience and deciding to take the less profitable road because it is more "Kosher" or because it is more fair to your colleagues or customers, may be an even higher Madreiga. What do you think?