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Parshas Lech Licha: Rav Yehonoson Eibshitz & The Netziv - Was Avrohom a Gift Taker or Not?
Despite the fact that Avrohom earned all the bounty from Sedom because of his victory over the 4 kings, still, he told the King of Sedom that he will not take any bounty since he didn't want the king to say he made Avrohom rich. This begs the question of how Avrohom took sheep and cattle from Paroh when he didn't even deserve it.

Rav Yehonoson Eibishitz suggests that Avrohom didn't actually take anything from Paroh. Paroh may have appointed him to an important position in his court and, therefore, he earned a great fortune through his position. He points out that the pasuk doesn't say that Paroh gave him cattle, rather it says, "He was good to Avrohom because of Sarah," and as a result of this goodness the pasuk,continues, "He had sheep and cattle."  There is never any indication that the sheep and cattle came from Paroh.

The Netziv says that Avrohom knew the personalities of the two Kings. When Paroh offered him riches he felt that Paroh was doing this to make himself feel important and not to feel superior to Avrohom. It was a gift offering to a royal personage. However, Avrohom felt that the King of Sedom was giving this as charity to Avrohom, so he refused to accept.