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Who Was That Guy?

Reb Refoel Levine, the son of the renowned tzaddik, R' Aryeh Levine, was a remarkable tzaddik in his own right. Like his father, his tziddkus was most evident in his tremendous concern and love for his fellow Jews, especially those who were in need of support and encouragement.

One Motzei Shabbos, Reb Refoel was walking to the Kosel with a talmid when a man approached him to say hello. Reb Refoel answered him and asked him how his wife and children were doing. Apparently the man's family life was a difficult one because he spent the next few hours pouring his heart out. R' Refoel listened intently the entire time, and offered the man words of comfort. He sent him off with heartfelt brachos, and sent regards to his family. He reassured the man that he was davening for him as he said goodbye.

Reb Refoel's talmid was curious about who this man was, after seeing how much time R' Refoel had devoted to him. "Who was that man?" he asked.

R' Refoel responded, "I don't know. This is something I learned from my father. If someone greets you as if he recognizes you, you should respond to him in the same way." (Moshe Schapiro)