Section: Tanach   Category: Iyov
Part 13 Perek 15-16: Iyov Begs Hashem To Unravel The Enigma

Iyov now answers Eliphaz, and complains bitterly about Eliphaz's condemnation of him as a complete rasha. He complained that since the nature of the nefesh is hidden, most people don't grasp its eternal nature. They only see that the tzaddik is afflicted with suffering in this world, and conclude that he's actually a rasha. Those who continue to believe in the tzaddik's tziddkus will harbor doubts about the justice of Hashem's hashgacha. Therefore, the yissurim of tzaddikim and serenity of reshaim bode ill for everybody involved. Iyov protests that it would be more fitting for a tzaddik to be properly rewarded for his tziddkus, and a rasha for his rishus, and people would reach the proper conclusions, and learn the appropriate lessons.

"I have heard such things many times." Iyov complains that Eliphaz is repeating the same ideas without adding anything new.

"You are all troublesome consolers." Iyov accuses his friends of being unable to comfort him, but nevertheless, they continue to talk. Eventually, Iyov will be too weary to answer them, and his silence will convey the false impression that they were successful in comforting him.

"Is there an end to words of wind?" Iyov protests that Eliphaz's answers are unsatisfactory since they are not backed by proof.

"I could also speak like you, if your soul was instead of my soul." Iyov tells his friends that if their positions were reversed, he would act very differently than them. He wouldn't accuse them of being reshaim, but would support them and share the pain of the suffering they were afflicted with unjustly.

"Pay attention now, give me a guarantee with You, who will shake hands with me?"

Iyov turns to Hashem and asks that He grant him a guarantee on the verity of his friends' claim of the eternal life of the neshama. He complains that he is unable to grasp this concept with his senses or his sechel, and therefore is not convinced of its truth.