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Yonah HaNavi: Message of Hope For Us, The Clueless

The ending of Yonah seems quite morbid. Yonah loses his bid save Bnei Yisroel from suffering at the hands of Ashur. Yonah was hoping that their teshuva wouldn't be accepted since the Malbim points out the pasuk says the improved their "deeds". Their behavior changed totally but they still continued their ways of idol worship. To Yona's dismay Hashem accepted their teshuva anyway, paving the way for them to be Hashem's messenger to punish Am Yisroel.

In the last pasuk, Hashem tells Yonah, how can I destroy Ninveh the large metropolis of Ashur that doesn't know the difference between their right and left? Klal Yisroel on the other hand knows very well the aveira of Avodah Zara and does not listen. This is a seemingly bitter end as Yonah's nightmare scenario of his successful mission in Ninveh is realized.

Yet on Yom Kippur this provides us a measure of comfort. In the waning hours of Yom Kippur after a long Elul and Aseres Yimei Teshuva after we have done teshuva, if we make a serious analysis we will realize we have much more to do and that we haven't come that far after all. Then we hear the comforting message of the Hashem. If you have done serious teshuva, even if you haven't accomplished much in the greater scheme of things, because you are so lost and you don't even know between you right and left, Hashem will pity you.