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Rav Shimshon Pincus: Give Eisav His Sa'ir Lazazel And Don't Step On His Toes

Rav Shimshon Pincus quotes the Zohar that says that the judgment we battle from Rosh HaShana through Yom Kippur has its roots in the battle between Yaakov and Eisav over the Brachos of Yitzchok. Yaakov received the Brachos from Yitzchok signifying that Hashem's judgment (Yitzchok's midda is Din) to Bnei Yisroel is favorable. Then Eisav comes in and tries to stop it by claiming Yaakov is a thief. This is the Yetzer Harah prosecuting us on Rosh Hashana. We then spend the week doing teshuva until Yom Kippur which is the final confrontation where Eisav comes with his 400 men to annihilate Yaakov. Yaakov sends Eisav the generous gift of many animals and then they make peace and part ways. This gift is the Sa'ir La'Azazel.

What is it about this gift, this goat that we throw down a rocky cliff and gets ripped apart that pacifies the Yetzer Harah and takes all our aveiros with it? No other single Korban has such cleansing power. Rav Pincus explains (worth reading at length in Sichos HaGaon Rav Shimshon Pincus - Elul) that fights only arise when one person infringes on what the other person considers their territory. In this case Eisav received the Bracha of "Al Charbicha Tichyeh"; you will live by the sword. Yaakov's lot on the other hand is to serve Hashem and not involve himself in worldly activities. Although we have done teshuva in the days leading up to Yom Kippur, Eisav is still not happy because we want to live in two worlds. We promise that we won't do aveiros and we will do mitzvos but we still infringe on Eisav's turf when we take his lifestyle and imitate it in a "Kosher" style.

To pacify Eisav on Yom Kippur we take two identical goats one for Eisav and one for us. We send Eisav's to the desert far away from the the Bais HaMikdash the center of our world and we throw it off the cliff as it gets dismembered to the joyous chants of Eisav of Al Charbicha Tichyeh. While Eisav is enjoying the scene we do not go near his stadium, theater, arena, club, etc. We wrap ourselves in our Taleisim and stand in the Bais HaMikdash sacrificing our blood and flesh to Hashem through our goat. When we draw this clear line of demarcation and stay out of Eisav's way then he is finally pacified and happily kisses us good-bye as we finally part ways.