Section: Moadim   Category: Elul-Tishrei
The Arizal Offers A Magical Flight To Yerushalayim and Musaf Of Rosh HaShana

One Friday afternoon while the Arizal was surrounded by his talmidim, he asked the group if they were ready fly to Yerushalayim to prepare for the Geula. Everyone of course was eager to go, however being that it was Friday afternoon most asked if they can first go home to tell their family that they are leaving. Because of this request the Arizal responded that the opportunity was lost. Why? Was it so wrong to have the courtesy to let your family know that you are disappearing on Erev Shabbos?

The Arizal explained that the Geula means that Hashem will be present in this world. Hashem's presence is abundantly good with no bad attached to it. Do you think, asked the Arizal, that we would fly off to Yerushalayim and things would be bad for your family? Do you not believe that everything will be prepared for both you and your family when you get there? Do you think Hashem forgot to take care of every last detail?

The entire long Musaf of Rosh HaShana, the critical davening of the year, seems strangely devoid of tefilos where we can request the things we need. How could that be? The answer is that the tefila of Rosh HaShana is a request to crown Hashem as King and for him to openly reign over the world. What do we want to ask for a few dollars? health? the kids are giving you a hassle? the neighbors? your boss? When Hashem is King over the world, and not an ordinary king but a king that is close to every single one of us and available for us every moment of every day, do you think these problems will still be a major issue? This Rosh HaShana beg, plead, cry, for our King to come and don't worry about all the mundane matters.