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When the Imrei Emes was crowned the new Rebbe of Ger he took a stand against the tendency for the Chassidim to daven very late even past Zman Tefila. He made a takana that davening must only be done during zman tefila in all the Gerrer Shteiblach.

One of the sincere chasidim cried to the Rebbe that he cannot perform his extensive predavening preparations with this new takana and his davening is now lacking its true flavor.

The Rebbe answered that in Pitum HaKitores it says that has they added even a tiny amount of honey to the mixture of kitores the smell would be too great for a human. If so asks the braisa then why don't we mix it in? It answers because the Torah forbid honey to be brought up to Hashem.

The lesson is that it is not in our jurisdiction to figure out the best way to serve Hashem outside of the boundaries of the Torah. Hashem runs the world and He knows what He wants and what is best for us. Elevating our service against the dictates of the Torah always smells foul, no matter how good it seems to smell.

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Rav Yechezkel Abramsky Survives The Sub-Zero Weather

The Gaon Rav Yechezkel Abramsky was exiled to Siberia in 1929 by the Communists.  The cold was unbearable; at times the temperature dropped to forty degrees below zero.  Rav Yechezkel had arrived in Siberia with lightweight clothes, and had no means of obtaining warmer ones.   

In the morning the head of the camp commanded the Jews to remove their shoes and run barefoot on the ice for an hour.  This would be their everyday morning routine.  Rav Yechezkel, who had always had a weak disposition, feared for his very life.  He lifted his eyes to Shamayim and said, “Ribbono Shel Olam, You commanded us in Your holy Torah to guard our health, and protect ourselves from the cold.  Here, it’s impossible to protect ourselves, and the obligation of protection falls on You.  Please, Ribbono shel Olam protect and guard us!”

Rav Yechezkel remained healthy throughout the duration of his exile in Siberia and did not fall ill even once.     (Ukarasa Leshabbos Oneg)

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Rav Itzele Volozhin And The Russian Czar Talk Tefila

Rav Itzele Volozhin, the son of Rav Chaim Volozhin and his successor, often took an active role in lobbying the Russian government on behalf of Klal Yisroel.  One time he appeared before the Czar who was known as a Sonei Yisroel.  Before he began to speak, the Czar said to him that he has a very difficult question to ask him about the Jewish people.  "I understand" said the Czar, "that the Jewish people say a prayer for the government in their Shul every Shabbos. I asked someone to interpret it for me and it seems clear to me that this prayer is a sham and made just to fool me.  You see I have been at war with my enemy the Kaiser of Germany for many years.  While you Jews pray for me, your brethren pray for my enemy in Germany.  So what does this all mean?"

Rav Itzele smiled and said, "The Czar himself has said that the prayer was translated for him and therefore he surtely remembers that the opening words are 'HaNosen BaYam Derech U'B'Mayim Azim Nesivos', to the One Above who makes paths in the sea and grants passage through the raging waters.  What does Hashem's granting of sea passage have to do with the prayer for our King?" asked Rav Itzele.  "Imagine", said Rav Itzele, "that you are in the west and taking a boat eastward.  You need to find an easterly wind to push the sails to get you to your destination.  Now at the same time there is someone traveling westward who needs a wind in the opposite direction.  They both pray to Hashem and they both manage to get to their destinations.  Similarly we stand in Russia and pray for Russian victory as our brethren stand in Germany praying for German victory.  The Almighty Hashem who guides each boat to its desired destination can answer both our prayers and deliver victory to the hands of both our Czar and the German Kaiser." (Gedolei HaDoros)

When you daven to Hashem you need not work out the logistics of how Hashem can bring your deliverance.  He who clears pathways through the stormy sea can clear a path tailored to your personal needs.

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